Fit Mom Despite All Odds is a Lifestyle Blog dedicated to motherhood, health, and fitness. I started this blog in hopes of helping, inspiring and motivating fellow moms as I move forward on my personal journey to better myself and reach my ultimate goals.

My name is Julia. I am a 40-year old Stay At Home Mom who turned to blogging after years of 9-5 jobs and hoping to do it full time. I am here to tell my story of the incredibly difficult journey to motherhood through IVF and Surrogacy, lifelong struggles with Infertility and ultimately pursuing my dreams to have a second child after 40, while being a SAHM to an active, adorable and mischievous toddler.

I also want to chronicle my journey from being very overweight to getting healthy and in shape to be there for my family and leave a lasting legacy to my son. I am on my way to obtaining a black belt in Israeli self-defense, Krav Maga, after overcoming many struggles and obstacles. Follow me as I share my daily challenges and triumphs, useful information and life tips while accomplishing my goals and pursuing my dreams. I would love to hear your stories, questions, and input as well.